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Companies contributing to Italia Open-Source

Add a Company to Italia Open-Source

What if the company everyone dreams of working for is yours? More and more developers are attracted to companies that make their technology stack available in a clear and transparent way. If you are part of an open-source company in Italy, Italia Open-Source is the ideal place to gain visibility, validate your projects and attract new professionals in the industry looking for a dynamic and stimulating job.

Discover Awesome Benefits

  • Increased visibility for your company
  • Showcase your open-source projects and initiatives
  • Attract top talent and professionals in the industry
  • Promote job opportunities within your company
  • Gain exposure to potential investors and collaborators

How to Join Italia Open-Source

You can add a company to our awsome list in two different ways:

  1. Create Pull-Request on GitHub awesome-italia-opensource and wait for it to be approved after a thorough review.

  2. Fill out the form and if your community meets all the requirements, you will receive an email to confirm the addition to Italia Open-Source.

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