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Communities contributing to Italia Open-Source

Add a Community to Italia Open-Source

Can you imagine a community made up of many other communities? Italia Open-Source is that too. A place where you can find and share information about different tech communities active in Italy. If you are part of a Community that is not yet on our awesome list, please read How to Join Italia Open-Source section, and submit you community.

Everything we need is the name and a brief description of the community, including goals, values, and areas of interest. In this way, you can introduce your community to other people and create new opportunities for collaboration.

Discover Awesome Benefits

  • Increased visibility for your community
  • Networking opportunities with other community members
  • Showcase your open-source projects and initiatives
  • Access to other community-specific resources, guides, and tutorials
  • Collaborations and projects with other community members
  • Support and knowledge exchange

How to Join Italia Open-Source

You can add a community to our awesome list in two different ways:

  1. Create Pull-Request on GitHub awesome-italia-opensource and wait for it to be approved after a thorough review.

  2. Fill out the form and if your community meets all the requirements, you will receive an email to confirm the addition to Italia Open-Source.

    Compile form